Tearing Down The Walls Between Fans & Artists.
Let The Revolution Begin.

Share music. Support Artists. Get Paid.

The Revolution was founded on one simple premise: artists deserve to be paid fairly for their art.

We created a music distribution system that rewards fans for sharing music with their friends while giving artists the largest percentage of revenue of any music platform. Period. Artists get paid fairly for their art and fans are rewarded for sharing their favorite artists. It's the way the music industry was supposed to work.

The Revolution Empowers Artists.

We love music, we play music but, for most artists today, the sales of digital (and physical) music just isn't making ends meet. The Revolution is a groundbreaking media platform created to seamlessly distribute all of the products that drive artist revenue: music, merchandise, and ticket sales. All combined in one easy-to-share module. Share your favorite music, share across all devices, and we'll share the rewards.

  • Barth Ballard

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Heath McBurnett

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Ted Wood

    Sr. Software Developer